Joining on Switch

First off start by heading to the Internet connection settings of your console.

Press on your connection, then change the settings of your network. Scroll down until you see DNS settings, then change it from automatic to manual.

Type in the Primary DNS:, then type in the secondary DNS, which should be your router's default gateway. (These also work as well:,

Once you type in both DNS settings, save your configuration.

↻ Restart your console.

After you restart your console, open Minecraft. Once you are loaded into Minecraft, navigate to the servers menu, and join any server except Galaxite.

You should end up at a menu that has a few options. Go to custom server, then add a server. The Server IP you want to type in is and the port you want to type in is 19132.

After you type in both settings, press Submit. Then, navigate to the server in the menu. Press on the server and you should be redirected to TydiumCraft.