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TydiumCraft Skin API

If you used this API before March 4th 2022

The /skin endpoint is now completely out of service and /players/skin has been changed to /v1/players/skin. Please update your scripts. No other syntax changes are nessesary.
This page is intended for technical users who own a Geyser server.

What does it do?

The API makes it easier for your Bedrock skin to be rendered and outputted! Usually, you would have to use to get your texture ID, then figure out a way to use it in your preferred skin API (we send it to mc-heads). The TydiumCraft Skin API does it automatically for you. It also works with Java skins!

Using the API!

Using the API couldn't be any more simple than what it is! First off, make sure that you have the latest version of Floodgate! It is RECOMMENDED that you stay on the latest version of Floodgate! Then by using the UUID of your Bedrock player (Not to be confused with XUID), you can put it into this link{UUID} and this will give you the default output of a body render, which should look something like the image below:

Default Output

Using the URL above will always give you the default render. There are a few more customization options to choose from. To use them add an ampersand (&) at the end of the URL and use one of the options below to put after it. Repeat that if you want an additional option.

It should look something like this:{UUID}&{Option}

API Render Options

Primary Options

Avatar | type=avatar


Head | type=head


Body | type=body


Player | type=player


Combo | type=combo


Cape | type=cape

This option only works for Java skins.


Skin | type=skin


Additional Options

Size | size=(number) Changes the image size.

SizeSmall SizeLarge

Flip | direction=(left/right) Flips the body and head renders.

RightBody LeftBody

RightHead LeftHead

Download | download

Instead of redirecting to mc-heads, pipe it through TydiumCraft servers for a direct download. This option will only work with type=skin. Using it on other types will result in a 403 Forbidden error.