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TydiumCraft Skin API Plugin Usage

If you used this API before March 4th 2022

The /skin endpoint is now completely out of service and /players/skin has been changed to /v1/players/skin. Please update your scripts. No other syntax changes are nessesary.
This page is mainly useful to technical users with a Geyser server but not limited to others.

Here you can find configurations for plugins to use the API.

  • DiscordSRV - Free
  • Config.yml - AvatarUrl: https://api.tydiumcraft.net/v1/players/skin?uuid={uuid-nodashes}&size=32&type=avatar

  • Pl3xMap - Free
  • Config.yml - heads-url: https://api.tydiumcraft.net/v1/players/skin?uuid={uuid}&type=head&size=32

  • UltraStaffChatPro - Paid
  • Messages.yml/Config.yml: There are multiple entries with crafatar links. Replace each one with https://api.tydiumcraft.net/v1/players/skin?uuid={uuid}&type=avatar and after you do reload the plugin. Feel free to change &type=head to anything else on the documentation.