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TydiumCraft Information API

This page is intended for technical users who own a Geyser server.

What does it do?

The Information API helps you gain information on a player using the UUID. This information consist of the player name, player UUID, linking data between Bedrock and Java, and Bedrock XUID. In the future the Information API will also include Xbox data for bedrock players. Every request will return in a JSON format.

Using the API!

Before you start using the API, make sure that you have the latest version of Floodgate! It is RECOMMENDED that you stay on the latest version of Floodgate! Then by using the UUID of any player (Not to be confused with XUID), you can put it into this link https://api.tydiumcraft.net/v1/players/info?uuid={UUID} and this will give you an output of the player data. If you wish to view an example request click here.

Object Definitions